Dear Community,

We are excited to announce that as of March 2020, ProChoices Community Therapy Clinic will be evolving into a new organization, the Vancouver Feminist Therapy Collective (VFTC) !

The circumstances prompting this change are compelling. As the demand for our services has rapidly increased over the past 5 years, so have the costs and labour requirements of our service provision operation. (We have provided over 6000 hours of low-barrier counselling and supported the learning of over 40 therapists!)  Despite the demands, and the absence of any external funding, our many dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly over five years to ensure our operation and organizational health — and this has not always been easy. 

In order to continue to provide this much needed service to our community and the supportive community for our counsellors on the front lines, we recognize the need to take some creative and strategic steps forward to sustain the operations of our organization and the integrity of ensuring feminist and low barrier counselling for everyone.

The Vancouver Feminist Therapy Collective (VFTC) is an intersectional feminist counselling clinic that provides quality, affordable and accessible therapy to individuals and communities of diverse experiences and needs. Please visit our website to learn more about what brought us to this new chapter and services we currently provide.

We have very much enjoyed learning alongside you in our work together, and we recognize and appreciate your support and commitment to our growth and success. We welcome you with gratitude and excitement to our newly blossoming journey as the Vancouver Feminist Therapy Collective.Please like/follow us on Facebookfor the details coming soon, as well as juicy news on our groups and offerings.

Thank you for your support, trust, encouragement, and patience. We invite you to celebrate this growth with us, and we look forward to moving forward with you.

In Kindness,

ProChoices/Vancouver Feminist Therapy Collective

*Our services remain dependent upon the availability of our labour resources (management and therapists). As we note in all our communications, we cannot promise session availability and encourage you to access other counselling services while you wait.