ProChoices Board

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Board Overview

Our founding board members provided support to ProChoices as it established itself and became an incorporated non-profit organization under the BC Societies Act. Application was made for charitable status in 2017 and is still pending.

At the 2017 ProChoices Annual General Meeting, seven board members were elected. The board and its committees work together to enhance sustainability and to ensure the clinic operations are congruent with ProChoices values and goals.  

2017 AGM Garden Luncheo

2017 AGM Garden Luncheon

2017 AGM Snapshot

2017 AGM Snapshot

Member Biographies

Marg Cooke is a retired social worker with experience in avariety of clinical and administrative environments, including hospital, hospice, adoption and social profit. She was a member of the Calgary Women’s Health Collective prior to completing her M.S.W. in Social Policy and Administration at Carleton University’s School of Social Work. In addition to her clinical and administrative work, Marg has also worked as an editor, researcher, writer and educator with diverse groups of people. She feels energized and honoured to be part of the ProChoices community.

Erin Anderson brings over 10 years of experience in non-profit communications. She is serving as Chair of the Communications Committee and working with the board on strategic planning, finance and more. ProChoices appealed to her as a unique and valuable organization that is improving access to mental health services.

Dave Ison is a friend, musician, woodworker, community member and social entrepreneur. Most known for his role as founder and CEO of ReBuild, a social enterprise focused on providing gainful employment to individuals in the DTES of Vancouver, Dave is currently working with two local enterprises, Hives for Humanity and The Woodshop Worker’s Co-op. He is passionate about assisting grassroots organizations address complex societal issues through sustainable, market-driven solutions. Dave is very excited to join the ProChoices board and feels privileged to be involved in such radical and transformative work.

Hilda Nanning is the founder, clinic director and supervision lead of the ProChoices Community Counselling Clinic. Hilda’s work, is inspired by the ideas and values of social justice, countering individualism, patriarchy, and capitalist agendas that other, and the promotion of practices and application of theoretical principles that generate inclusion and working across difference.  Her experience includes education, community development and program development, clinical supervision, counselling, and trauma social work.

Emily Ann Garcia is a photographer, non-profit administrator and a queer woman of colour. She has many years of experience in the non-profit world, working with organizations like Teach For America, Manufacturing Renaissance and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. Emily grew up in Texas, graduated from Yale University and now lives in Vancouver. She is excited to be working with ProChoices on such transformative work for our communities.

Adriana Sosa is a published author in the field of international conflict resolution. She currently works in higher education where her studies in international affairs and communications have deepened her interest in health communications research. Adriana is passionate about the motivations involved around successful communication, connection, and conciliation. She is excited to learn more about Narrative Therapy and join the ProChoices community.