Board Roles and Responsibilities

While all Board members are expected to be active contributors to ProChoices, there are several roles which have specific duties and responsibilities. We are currently looking for new Board members to fill some of these roles. The work involved in these roles, as well as specific skills and experience required, are outlined below.

Executive Roles


The president is the chair of the Board and is responsible for supervising the other directors in the execution of their duties. Additional duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Convening and facilitating meetings;
  • Sending agendas and supporting materials to board secretary for distribution to other board members prior to each meeting;
  • Ensuring relevant documents are uploaded to shared Google drive (agendas, minutes, sign-in sheets);
  • Monitoring committee and other board work, and ensuring relevant documentation is uploaded to shared Google Drive; and
  • Acting as liaison with Clinic Director and with Council Chair.


The vice-president is the vice-chair of the Board and is responsible for carrying out the duties of the president if the president is unable to act.


The treasurer is responsible for the financial management of ProChoices. The duties of the Treasurer include, but are not limited to:

  • Advising the Board on all aspects of managing a budget;
  • Ensuring that ProChoices financials are in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations;
  • Receiving and banking monies collected from the members or other sources;
  • Coordinating with clinic staff to maintain accounting records in respect of the Society’s financial transactions and financial statements;
  • Coordinating with accountant/auditor to present annual financial statement at the AGM;
  • Overseeing or submitting the Society’s tax filings;
  • Presenting a Treasurer’s update at each meeting and upon request, in coordination with the clinic director and clinic manager; and
  • Consulting with accounting professionals as needed.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

  • Experience managing a budget, ideally in a non-profit organization
  • Accounting designation (CPA, etc.) preferred


The Secretary of the Board is responsible for record keeping and reporting. The duties of the Secretary include, but are not limited to:

  • Issuing notices of general meetings and directors’ meetings;
  • Taking minutes and making audio recordings of general meetings and directors’ meetings;
  • Keeping the records of the Society in accordance with the Act;
  • Conducting the correspondence of the Board;
  • Electronically filing the annual report of the Society and making any other filings with the registrar as required by legislation; and
  • Sending draft agenda, minutes, and recordings to the Board, with attention to the President, in a timely manner.

Committee Roles

Within the ProChoices Board, members are able to serve on various committees: communications, finance, governance, and fundraising. These committees each have a Chair and may organize their own meetings in addition to the monthly Board meetings.