Other Counselling Services in the Community

Please note that we are still in the process of building a comprehensive list of community resources. If any of the information below is incorrect and/or out of date, or if you would like to add a resource, please feel free to contact

Therapist Learning Resources

ProChoices Allies

ProChoices gratefully acknowledges all those agencies, service providers and individuals who continue to support the clinic with their encouragement and referrals:

  • Hilda Nanning Counselling, thank you for your sponsorship and vision for ProChoices, and for supporting our work to be brave, kind and effective.
  • POKE, thank you for your inspiration.
  • Compendia Business Information Services, thank you Rudy and Allison for your financial management and consultation extraordinaire.
  • Angela McConnell Photography, appreciation for your artistic eye and beautiful photos.
  • Farida Hussain, we continue to be grateful for your ongoing patience, creativity and gorgeous work.
  • Urban WWOOFers Sarah, Rosa and Tom, thank you for all your support and help with the various projects.
  • David Ison, thank you for bringing beautiful light to our new space.
  • Laura Orozco, thank you for going above and beyond in the creation of our council.
  • Ronan Watson-Nanning, thank you for supporting our story to be told.
  • Appreciation to all ProChoices therapists and participants for their contributions to our development, commitment to care ethics in all we do, and for the brave practice they collectively make happen.