Work with a Grad

working with a grad therapist

We are inviting you to support affordable therapy to all by partaking in the new grad therapist support program.

The minimum donation to see a graduate therapist is $60.00 per session.  The grad therapist will have completed at least nine months of intensive study, supervised practice, and active engagement in the ProChoices community and are continuing on with an apprenticeship grad program.  

The Perks: Meaningful contributing to our therapists’ apprenticeship opportunity.

The Math: The therapist will receive $30, $10 will go towards accounting fees and $20 will cover rent costs.

If you are someone who can afford to pay $60, you are allying with community members who can only afford to pay $20 to access therapy. The sixty dollars will allow us to offer a small payment for the therapist and support the nourishment of the ProChoices learning community.

We are not raising our prices, we are offering diverse price points to clients in the hopes to support diverse entry points to therapy. Some folks can afford $60 and some can afford $20. As part of our growth, we are inviting the community to invest in a model that’s making counselling more accessible for all.

Our Vision

To further lower barriers for all, not just for clients who are seeking therapy, but also for therapists who wish to support our mission.

We are nowhere near perfect, but we know transparency is what will move this forward and we want to make sure it’s done ethically and in the most eco-sustainable way we possible can in support of the wellness of the clinic and its community.